Two wrestling fans take on the wrestling world...through a haze.

7 Sep September

Reactions from trips to Blitzkrieg Pro and Live Pro(v) Wrestling, and other wrestling stuff.

Did Ernie Boch Jr. sell Wrestler's Laboratory a car?  Are the Seastars and Xavier Bell the true King/Queens of Trios?  Are the chain gang baddies now?  Is MJF trying to screw Penelope Ford in a very uncomfortable place?  Does Sully have J.t. Dunn's number?  Will Math The Band The Band ever get their revenge on Rich Bass and Briggs?  Can anyone stop big match Skylar? How great of a time is Marty Jannety having?  Will the Four Horsewomen of NXT ever have a match against the Four Horsewomen of MMA?  Are Techno Team 2000 coming to 205 Live?  Who will win the Mae Young Classic?  How long until Donovan Dijak and Keith Lee face off in a wwe ring?  

Damn near all of these questions answered and a bit more, plus what we want out of wrestling this week on Volume 18 of Wrestling Haze...