Two wrestling fans take on the wrestling world...through a haze.

12 Aug August

A recap of our trip to CZW's Once in a Lifetime. And a non-preview of the mystery Beyond/Progress shows.

Is Larry Legend ok?  Have we ever seen a bad Joey Janela match?  Does Lio Rush bleed black and yellow?  What's Joe Gacy's problem?  Whats Shlak's deal?  ONITA!?  What if CZW had a tv deal?  How many barbed wire bats exploded?  Did Ace Romero hit a canadian destroyer on Jimmy Lloyd?  Is pandita a better masseuse than Massage NV?  How good are CZW promo packages?  Will South Pacific Power Trip fight Eyfbo?  Will Mustache Mountain fight Tekno Team 2000?  Is Gentlemanly Jack Gallagher coming to Somerville?  Will Matt Riddle return to his winning ways at Beyond Wrestling?  Who is the top Dunn?  If a PWG show with a surprise card is Mystery Vortex is a Beyond show with a surprise card Enigma Cyclone?  

Some of these questions kind of answered and much more as we recap our trip to CZW Once in a Lifetime featuring Matt Tremont vs Onita and try to preview a surprise Beyond/Progress doubleheader on Volume Fifteen of Wrestling Haze!