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18 Aug August

Beyond Wrestling/Progress Boston Reaction Show.

Beyond Wrestling/Progress Boston Reaction Show.

Are side russian leg sweeps the next belly to back suplexes? Will Dijak and Big Cass become the New Skyskrapers? Will We be attending Womens Wrestling Revolution The Show Must Go On and Live Pro(v) Wrestling? Are there good marks of all ages? Is Martin Stone the baddest man on the planet? Are team Seastars a fan favorite everywhere they go? Were Eyfbo originally scheduled to face South Pacific Power Trip? Were Dan Barry's Boys originally scheduled to fight Tekno Team 2000? What happened to all the Progress Boston tshirts? Has Donavan Dijak ever had a bad match? Are Joey Janela and David Starr on a collision course for Ace of Beyond? What did Jim Smallman talk about?

A handful of these questions answered and a whole bunch more on Volume Sixteen of Wrestling Haze...

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Is Larry Legend ok?  Have we ever seen a bad Joey Janela match?  Does Lio Rush bleed black and yellow? ...